Our story ...

Our motto is simple: ”it takes great ingredients to create great-tasting macarons, chocolate, cookies, and confections.”

We take a lot of care in selecting our natural ingredients. We always favor our local farms and producers.  We also

import some hard-to-find ingredients from France, which enables us to give a unique signature to our final product.

Praliné’s products are trans-fat free.  We use no artificial flavors.


We make all our macarons, cookies, chocolate, and confections by using  traditional French techniques.

Our goal is always to make products of the highest quality and thereby to make people happy. We want our customers


to know what they are tasting. We want to give them a splendid source of pleasure that evokes pure emotion.


203 Belmont street

02478, Belmont MA


Mon: Closed

Tue-Sat: 7am - 6pm

Sun: 8am - 4pm