• Macarons


    Accompany us and travel to the world of artisanal French Macarons. We strive to provide you with the opportunity to experience “authentic macaron savoir-faire” with each bite.

  • Choco Box
  • Tea Time

Menu of Flavors  

Our elegant macaron collection offers an assortment of our customers’ favorite flavors. It gives you an “avant-goût” of our authentic French macarons and makes the perfect gift for macaron lovers. 




Our refined handmade sweets are made with excellent quality of cocoa beans. Let yourself be tempted by the lingering taste of these delicious chocolates.


Tea Time 

Explore the French's culture through the traditional "Madeleine", the "Sablés Breton" a crunchy butter cookie, the "Cannelé" a soft custard center with a caramelized crust and the famous brioche "Kougelhopf".


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Stop by our shop to enjoy a pastry with our fine teas and coffees. We offer a large selection of teas from Mariage&Freres.